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High quality translation

I provide a high quality Norwegian translation. I’ll supply your translated Norwegian documents back to you in exactly the same format in which you sent it to me, so you can use it straight away without any additional cost or time added.

Online Translation

Bing, Babylon and Google offers Norwegian translation. Many people think that online translating is easy, that all you have to do is change words from one language into their equivalents into another. But if you’ve tried Google translate or any other machine translation software, you know it’s not true.

There are debates about what makes a translation good or bad, but many agree that the best translation doesn’t look like a translation. Translation from and to Norwegian is even more difficult, as many online services do not offer that option.
Babylon | Reverso-Softissimo | BabelFish | Microsoft/Bing Translator | Google Translation | Promt
All services are the same in one point: none of them could create a perfect translation.

Machine Translation vs. Human Translation

This example shows why you need human translation, and not only machine translation:
Dumme Gedanken hat jeder, aber der Weise verschweigt sie.
~ Wilhelm Busch ~
Look at the result ...

Machine - Norwegian:
Dumme tanker har alle, men måten hun er stille på.Wrong

Machine - English:
Stupid thoughts have everyone, but the way she is silent.Wrong

Both are wrong!
The Quote says that the wise/smart hides stupid thoughts...

Human - English/Norwegian:
Everybody has stupid thoughts, but the smart never expresses them.Correct
Alle har dumme tanker, men den vise fortier dem.

Approved translation:
Everybody has stupid thoughts, but the wise conceals them.Correct
Everybody has silly thoughts, but the smart does not speak about them.Correct
Alle har dumme tanker, men den kloke tier om dem.Correct
Alle har idiotiske tanker, men den vise snakker ikke om dem.Correct

That is why you should contact me!